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Are you a tour operator working in Northwest Yunnan?  Our suppliers offer unique, accessible ecotourism services that complement any tour of Northwest Yunnan.

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Welcome to Northwest Yunnan's ecotourism web site!

Northwest Yunnan is a spectacular area to explore, and is one of the most naturally and culturally diverse areas of the world.

The Northwest Yunnan Ecotourism Association was created to promote the development and marketing of ecotourism in the region.  Currently, we offer tours in Lashihai and Wenhai, just 30 minutes from Lijiang.

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Day trip


Laojun mountain


Tiger Leaping gorge&Baoshan



Looking for a unique travel experience in Northwest Yunnan?

Here you'll find one-of-a-kind travel opportunities from community-based ecotourism companies around Lijiang, the tourism center of Northwest Yunnan.

This web site is a project of the Northwest Yunnan Ecotourism Association and has been developed to introduce you to unique ecotourism opportunities around Lijiang and beyond. By developing and promoting ecotourism in Northwest Yunnan, our goal is to support environmental protection, preserve the areas?diverse cultural heritage and contribute to community development.  Read more about this project.

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