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Are you a tour operator working in Northwest Yunnan?  Our suppliers offer unique, accessible ecotourism services that complement any tour of Northwest Yunnan.

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For Tour Operators

Do you:

  • Operate tours in Northwest Yunnan?

  • Have customers interested in a different type of travel experience?

  • Want opportunities to add to your itineraries and differentiate your product?

  • Believe the tourism industry is dependent upon preserving Northwest Yunnan's natural and cultural attractions?

Then join our efforts to develop ecotourism in Northwest Yunnan.

Tourism, more than many industries, is dependent upon the quality of a destination's attractions and resources.  If Northwest Yunnan's abundant cultural and natural resources disappear, the booming tourism industry here will not survive.

Ecotourism and green tourism offer an alternative to more destructive types of tourism by involving local communities, contributing to the protection of natural resources and helping to preserve cultural heritage.  How do we do this?

You can support these efforts by working with the suppliers listed on this website.  Each of them offer unique, accessible ecotourism services that complement any tour of Northwest Yunnan.  Take a look at our itineraries and please contact us if you would like to work with us.



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This web site is a project of the Northwest Yunnan Ecotourism Association and has been developed to introduce you to unique ecotourism opportunities around Lijiang and beyond. By developing and promoting ecotourism in Northwest Yunnan, our goal is to support environmental protection, preserve the areas’ diverse cultural heritage and contribute to community development.  Read more about this project.

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