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laojun mountain trip(Best time to Laojun mountain is from Mid-April to June, and from October)

Day 1: Lijiang - Jiuhe (Heyuan village) - Ninety-nine Dragon Pool (altitude: 3700m) Night in Qunlong lodge
From Lijiang driving about 4hours to Qunlong lodge, on the way you can see very beautiful landscape of mountains, river, villages, fields¡­ .

Day 2: Qunlong Lodge - Ninety-nine Dragon Pool (Sancai Lakes, Zimei Lakes, Shengmu lakes) (altitude: 3850m) - Eluo hai (4100m) stay in tent For the day, we must cross the highest point at 4100m. From the top, you can get very nice views of mountains, big valleys and lakes. On the way you go through big rhododendron and Fir forests. Camping by the Eluo lake

Day 3: Eluo Lake - Fanbai ye po - Shaji Dang - Ezhongluo - Lijv (7 hours) Night in local homestay For the day mostly we go down to the village (altitude: from 3900m to 2500m), on the way through the different types of forests (Fir, Rhododendron, Bamboo)

Day 4: Lijv village - Observation Station for Yunnan Golder Monkey (altitude: from 2500m to 3300m, total: 11km) stay in lodge After breakfast at the homestay, you will follow a big river, with the company of the sound of the water. Hiking for about 6 hours to the station, on the way most of from nice trail with bamboo and some Fir trees. You will have chance to see the thousands years¡¯ old Chinese Yew and one years¡¯ old yew. Night in lodge with sleeping bag

Day 5: Observation Station - Rhododendron Garden (altitude: 4000m) - Shiren lake (altitude:3900m) - Wangyou lodge For this day, hiking through bamboo, rhododendron and Fir forests, the altitute is from 3300m to 4100m, then down to 3000m, hiking for about 8 hours. On the way, enjoy the Shiren lakes with the beautiful reflection of the Shiren Mountain, Qingren lake, Shuanghaizi lake. Night in lodge with sleeping bag

Day 6: Lodge - Lijv (altitude: 2500m) stay in homestay Hiking about 6 hours to Lijv, then relaxing in homestay. Night in homestay

Day 7: Lijv - Shigu (the First Bend of Yangt-Ze River) - Lijiang Driving about 3 hours from Lijv to Lijiang, on the way visit the Shigu Town and the First Bend of Yangt-Ze River.

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